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Inspired by a whimsical mood board filled with flowers and all things magical, it’s hard not to fall in love with Winky Lux’s newly opened Experience Store.

Over the last few years, more and more beauty brands are enhancing their spaces by creating environments that fully immerse consumers into the products and services they offer. That’s exactly what Winky Lux had in mind when they raised $6 million to fund their first experiential store in New York. This retail strategy not only encourages customers to shop in store rather than online, but also significantly increases dwell time. 

Decked in millenial pink, flower covered walls, neon signs and even an infinity room, Winky Lux designed a fully immersive experience store that captures the whimsical charm of the brand. It’s basically a beauty lover’s museum inside a store.

winky lux store

winky lux flower balm

“The new Winky Lux showroom is a branded experience where shoppers can come in and play with or buy the products in person. We’ve planned a steady stream of meetups, workshops and co-branded events each designed to spark their imagination. The idea is to give our customers a place to hang out. We also want them to meet each other and form new friendships with other beauty lovers,” explains co-founder and CEO Natalie Mackey. “Being inside a store, taking selfies under our neon lights and flower walls helped them understand that our brand is a living magical land and joy factory,” she said, “and that understanding drove loyalty.”

winky lux store new york

Aside from being transported into an enchanting 7-room exhibit, the brand’s pop-up store is also stocked with their bestselling cruelty-free products. From their highly covetable color changing Flower lip balm (that contains real Chrysanthemum flowers) to their 24kt Glimmer Balm, Kitten Palette and Whipped Cream Primer, beauty and makeup addicts are sure in for a treat.

For a taste of what’s inside the Winky Lux store, I put together a mini vlog below:

With the rise of interactive pop up museums, this shift indicates the need for brands to go the extra mile in order to engage a consumer base that is increasingly experiencing retail fatigue. What do you guys think of the infusion of popup museums and retail stores? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. There are quite a few pop-up stores where I live. This one is especially cute and I love that you really get to experience the brand. I used to live in NYC and imagine that it is super busy at all times.

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