By Steph
Maybe some people are just meant to be the mediators, the helpers, the lovers, and the ones to care for everyone else. Maybe that’s just how the universe works. It picks those select few to be the ones to spread love to everyone else. The ones who care more about a passing stranger than themselves. The ones who would give up their life to make someone else’s a little bit happier. And maybe, just maybe they are not meant to get as much love in return because sometimes it’s just in someone’s blood to give out everything they have and receive very little back. But to those few, that’s okay because the all the happiness they give to others counteracts all the sadness that tears away at their insides. It’s an equal balance in the universe. You give love to others to the point where there’s none left for yourself but that’s okay because you have a rare heart–the kind that’s just happy when others are happy. And that’s enough. If you’re one of those few, I understand you are hurting but be strong because the world needs more loving people like yourself.

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