By Steph

Legends and myths say that mirrors are the true window to a soul.  They don’t show you what you want to see, but what you really are. 

They don’t believe the lies you tell yourself, they only know the truth.  Mirrors know the things you say to yourself in the dark, they know how lost you are when you pass by them, and they remind you without your permission.  You stop and look inside, into an alternate universe of evil.  The ‘you’ that you don’t mention to yourself when you aren’t listening.

I stopped once, and stared into my reflection.  I looked to the left and she looked to the right.  “What do you want?”, I asked her.  I looked to the right and she just kept staring straight back at me.  She showed me my past, my present, and my future.  All at once.

“I only want to show you the truth my friend, nothing more, nothing less.”, I looked away as she held my eyes.  I stared back into hers.  Her hands were covered in blood, only some was her own.  I never knew this me that she had shown me, I’d forgotten. And I remembered something I’d told myself once in the dark, “Never look into a mirror again.  Never believe what your reflection reveals to you.”

I wasn’t sure who to believe, my reflection, or myself.

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