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When it comes to the beauty universe, there are some that take their time to achieve chiseled cheekbones and then there are those that focus solely on skincare. If you’re like me and you find yourself in the middle of this spectrum where you enjoy makeup but also kinda don’t want to wear too much, Glossier is for you my makeup minimalist friend. 

Draped in dreamy millennial pink packaging, minimal aesthetics and “skincare first” philosophy, Glossier catapulted into the beauty industry that appeal to skincare connoisseurs and beauty lovers alike. What makes the brand particularly compelling is the dewy-skinned, fresh-faced models featured in their ads that welcomes in a new era in the beauty industry – one that seamlessly combines skincare and makeup. 

That being said, I finally gave in to the widespread Glossier wildfire and indulged in their Phase 1 skincare set that no doubt instantly became one of my favorites

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18

I’ve been using the milky jelly cleanser for days I don’t exfoliate and I love how the creamy formula is so gentle on my sensitive skin. According to the label, you may use it to remove makeup as well and I found that it is effective especially on those waterproof liners and mascaras. Plus the subtle rose scent is downright dreamy. 

Glossier milky jelly cleanser

balm dot com, $12

Over the course of the winter months, my skin was always craving hydration and nourishment. Unfortunately, this particular product from the set felt short. I was hoping for something that would really seep through my lips to combat the drying but due to the formula, it just stayed on the surface. Alternatively, it did make a good moisturizer for my nails and fingertips. 

Priming moisturizer, $22

I love the idea of lathering on a creamy moisturizer but as winter has come and gone, I had to switch my Cetaphil hydrating night cream to something more lightweight and Glossier’s Priming moisturizer does it for me. However, since it’s not too hydrating, the buildable silky formula allows me to add another layer for my morning skincare routine. glossier skincare

mega greens galaxy pack, $22

Before trying out this traditional kaolin-clay face mask from Glossier, I was an avid user of the Aztec Indian Healing clay but felt that it can be a little too intense even for a once a week treatment. The Mega Greens Galaxy pack (infused with pomegranate, spinach and parsley) however, is a milder alternative. It’s a skincare equivalent of a green juice cleanse for your pores as it detoxifies it from impurities while leaving it soft and well-hydrated afterwards. 

glossier green mask

All in all, I’m pleased with my purchases from Glossier so far. Over the past year, I’ve realized the importance of a good skincare routine and although I almost completed the 12-step Korean beauty regimen (giiirl, I tried!), I’ve essentially cut back on half of the steps and simplified it down to 3-4 products (which I’d be more than happy to go into detail in a separate post!).

Glossier Showroom – 123 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

Stopped by the Glossier Penthouse in NY and they have one heck of a gorgeous showroom. When I visited, they just happened to launch their lidstar eyeshadows and so the place was packed. Their staff was clad in millennial pink jumpsuits and are ready to assist you should you have any questions regarding the products. See some of the snaps around their showroom below:

Glossier showroom

Glossier showroom

Glossier showroom

Glossier showroom

Glossier showroom

Glossier showroom



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