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When you’re a freelance writer, there’s a laundry list of perks that include but not limited to: flexible time schedule, working in your field of passion and of course ~ the joys of turning anything (anywhere!) your makeshift workspace. I used to just prop my laptop, planner and coffee cup on any surface and that would be it. I was not aware of how setting up a designated space was necessary considering how it beats the purpose of the “work-from-anywhere” ideology. As time went by, I have come to realize that a lighter and brighter workspace is a positive and effective way to boost your creative energy that will eventually reflect in your project results. With just a few small changes, you can brighten up your own home workspace to improve your mood and efficiently get work done. Here are 5 simple ways to try:


We all know that a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind and a cluttered mind does not help especially if you’re handling different assignments with various deadlines. Start by sorting through your papers and only have the ones you’re currently working on be on top of your desk and file the rest neatly in your drawers or wall pockets. The more “weight” you remove from your work desk, the lighter it will feel and the more productive you will be.


Refresher’s Course

It’s tough to be creative when you’re staring at the same view day in and day out. Update the layout of your desk occasionally and rearrange your items to get a fresh perspective. Find a new spot for your monitor, file organizers, pen holders, etc. You’ll be surprised how a little rearranging goes a long way in brightening your work station. 



Add a splash of color 

I personally like to keep things minimal but adding touches of color here and there doesn’t hurt either. It is a great strategy for livening up any area as it essentially affects how you tackle your work for the day. From framed artworks, flowers in vases, to bright desk accessories like wall calendars, bulletin boards, cute stationery, coffee mugs and decorative goods, the possibilities are endless! A plush rug adds an interesting visual touch for your feet while a blanket throw and pillow will keep you cozy and comfortable while you get your work done. You can also try incorporating nature like succulents into your desk to boost air quality and overall mood. 

tip: Not sure where to start? Create a theme for your workspace each month and use that as a basis for your decor. Have fun with it and get quirky with your workspace accents!


Get inspired

Propping bits and bobs of inspiration in your workspace goes further than what the human eye sees. During hair-pulling moments of meeting deadlines and times of uncertainty, I cling onto anything that will remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing in the first place. That’s why I turn to vision boards when I struggle to finish a project because it prompts me of the goals I’m working towards. (Find out how you can make one here.)  Aside from vision boards, in my workspace, you will also see a dreamcatcher hanging above my desk (tbh, I have a few around my room) as I’ve made it a symbol of my pursuit towards the dream life. Another way to get you inspired is by surrounding yourself with things that motivate you whether that’d be quotes that you live by or family photos, whatever drives you to keep going, make sure it takes residency in your workspace. 

home office

Lighten up!

In a perfect home office setting, you have big windows to let natural light in but if this is something you currently don’t have access to (hello basement apartment living!) getting a nice desk lamp with a dimmer for your optimal lighting situation will do. These types of light offer much more natural light than the harsh and bright fluorescent lights. Another lighting hack would be to install mirrors. Even if you have minimum lighting coverage in the room, mirrors give you the illusion of a brighter and larger workspace – double win!

Tip: For a whimsical and dreamy ambiance, try hanging up some fairy lights around your work desk or window.

decorate workspace


Even if my nomad self likes the idea of switching workstations from time to time, I have also realized the importance of designating a proper distraction-free workspace at home to meet the increasing demands of creativity and productivity. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see me trekking to a coffee shop (or the backyard with my phone’s wifi hotspot) for a change of scenery but it’s nice to have an aesthetically pleasing space where I can generate ideas and turn passion projects into reality in the most efficient way possible – and who wouldn’t want that! 

14 Replies to “5 Simple Ways to Brighten your Home Workspace”

  1. I love your ideas and your desk is very pretty. I also have pictures of my two daughters to uplift me on crazy days.

  2. My office space sits right in front of a window so I feel like it gets a refresh everyday because I’m always seeing amazing things out there. Have a creative, organized space is huge for my daily work life!

  3. Wonderful ideas for the work area! Right now, I have most of these down. I can’t really rearrange much, I have two monitors and only one place they can go for me to be able to easily work at both. I want to add a bit of green in here, though, and find some small plant that my cat won’t eat. My biggest wish for my home office is that it had a door for when the kids are getting loud and crazy!

  4. I don’t have a home office but, I would like it decorated just like I would decorate my office at a traditional office. You need to personalize it and make it your space. A happy, productive space.

  5. I absolutely love your ideas, it look so colourful and beautiful. Your officespace is looking very well organised too. I’m fond of diy ideas, as I also have an office at home, but I haven’t started decorating it yet. I’ll use some of your ideas for my workplace.

  6. I work from home often and I love to keep my workspace bright and airy! My office reflects what’s going on in my head. If I have a messy desk, I tend to have trouble focusing my thoughts. Great tips 🙂

  7. Great blog and you have a beautiful workspace! I need to revamp mine now. Such an inspo! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


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