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Who doesn’t love indulging in a luxurious and aromatic spa experience? If you’re anything like me where most of my life-altering thoughts are made in the shower, then you’ll know that bath time is more than just washing away grease and dirt –  it’s a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat from the hectic daily grind; a way to calm and nourish both your mind and body. It’s a sacred ritual considered of high importance that during the Roman era, an entire city was dedicated to bathing. 

To achieve momentary bliss, you don’t need to travel far and wide or go to an expensive spa resort because yes, you can find refuge right in your own bathroom. That being said, we’ve rounded up the essentials you may need for your next bathtub getaway.

Set the Mood

Instantly up the tranquility factor of your bath time by setting the mood to a cozy atmosphere. Before dipping your toes in the tub, see that your bathroom is free from bright or harsh lighting and instead use dimmable LEDs, string lights or scented candles. My current favorite is DW Home’s sandalwood myrrh with hints of musk infused oak. The scent is not heavy or overpowering, but very tangible, rich and sensual. You can also enhance the overall ambiance with a relaxing music playlist. If you’re into soulful piano music with a hint of pop/R&B and hip hop beat, highly recommend lending your ears to Jurrivh, a talented composer and pianist from Netherlands.

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Cue in the Caddy

Savor every minute of your blissful bathing experience with a good book, some chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of sparkling rosé and keep them all at bay (and dry) with a sturdy bath caddy or tub tray like this Bath Caddy from Urban Outfitters crafted from sustainable bamboo with metal arms. bath tray


Soak in the Soothing and Sensual Bath Potions 

From bath bombs, salts and milk to essential oils, floral herbs and other DIY bath elixirs, it’s a bottomless pit of options for both your pampering pleasures and aching dilemmas. Aside from the gorgeous explosion of colors and aroma, each of them is a feast for all your senses including your tired and tensed muscles.  We highly recommend infusing epsom salts into your bath soaks as it helps regulate blood pressure and is a great healing agent for your skin. Here are a few of our recommended bath tub soak recipes you can try: (P.s. when using essential oils, make sure you blend them with a carrier oil like almond, aloe vera or shampoo so they disperse into the water.) 

bath essentials bath bomb

Basic Soothing Bath Blend:

A handful of Epsom Salt 

10 drops of Lavender Essential oil (or any essential oil of your choice)

1/2 cup Baking Soda


Floral Bath:

1/2 cup sea salt

1/2 cup dried flowers of your choice

4 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops rose/jasmine essential oil 


Flower-Powered Bath

Ahhh, probably my favorite from this list. Not only do they prettify your bath water but natural oils in the flowers like roses retain moisture for your skin. They also give off a natural calming scent that makes you forget that laundry list of things to do the next day. Grab some petals from your favorite flowers and infuse them with the stellar combination of coconut milk and lavender oils. Now, allow your senses to succumb into the serene setting and enjoy this moment. 

bathing experience

Although a mere 30 minute bath soak may not provide a solution to all our problems or at least make those unanswered emails go away but what it can provide is an escape as we give our physical and mental well being the down time it needs (and deserves) in order for it to function efficiently. So go on, take 30, heck a whole hour, for a blissful bath time indulgence. Your mind and body will thank you for it. 

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16 Replies to “Turn Bath Time into a Blissful Experience”

  1. I don’t even like baths but that flower bath is SO appealing! I always see such gorgeous pictures of flower baths on Pinterest! I love the photos you chose…so lovely!

  2. I’m just moving into a new place with a bath, after only having a shower for so long and I am beyond excited! Your post is awesome, totally doing all of this.

  3. i occasionally go for bath, but i’m definitely not the kind of person who would survive a bath with caddy. being as clumsy as i am, something might fall out of it if i ever used one and i don’t even trust myself. 😛

    as for flower-powered though, that one could totally work for me! 😉

  4. This looks like a perfect way to spend an evening. Ironically I am moving in the morning and going from a garden tub to a shower only. I wish I wasn’t knee-deep in packing to use these tips tonight!! I sure could use it 🙂

  5. What a great post! I have never thought of drinking bubbly while in the bath! I don’t know why! Such an amazing idea! Thank you for including some bath recipes, too! I will try them for sure!

  6. I never ever take baths. I think they take too long to fill up, and then I get bored in about 2 seconds, then the water gets cold and then you have to get out and freezeeeeee while grabbing for a towel. HAHAHAHA! Wow, I am just a debbie downer now aren’t I?! #showersforthewin 😉

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