Inspired by life’s beautifully complicated journey – I created this humble corner of this massive digital world to radiate my ideas on self-expression.

her ink heart by stephanie cruz

Penning poems at 10 and freelance writing at 16, I’ve always found solace in the company of words and the escape it gives me; the way your emotions and creativity can bleed through a page… a paragraph… a sentence… a word… a letter. 

Born under the constellation Libra, I view life through the lens of harmony, beauty, kindness, and grace. I love the smell of old books, handwritten letters, flower gardens, and stargazing. When not buried writing about dreamy fabrics or creating fictional worlds of fairies and witches, you can find me fighting monsters under my bed with a pen.

I hope this space gives you a glimpse of my own little world so that you too, can go and chase your own big dreams in life. 

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