Hi there, Steph here and welcome to my humble corner of this massive digital world.

steph cruz her ink heart

Inspired by life’s beautifully complicated journey, I created herinkheart – a platform to radiate my ideas on living your most inspired life, yet. 

Writing has always been my passion. At 13, I first started penning poems and short stories for our school paper’s literary column. At 16, I decided to take a leap of faith and worked as a freelance writer ~ without proper education, just the sole passion for crafting content.

During that time, I was able to ghostwrite contemporary novels for my clients until I eventually branched off of writing merely fiction stories into fashion and lifestyle articles. This is where my dream of becoming a writer truly solidified.

Born and raised in the Philippines and now fearlessly navigating the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

We migrated to the States in 2014 and in 2017 I graduated from my Associate’s Degree in Journalism. I’ve spent the last two years jumping from one internship to another – learning and gaining as much valuable knowledge and skills as I can from both the publishing and marketing industries so that I can incorporate my love for writing into the demands of the digital world in this day and age.

I’ve always found myself thriving in the world of creative expression. I live for coffee on rainy days, the smell of old books, journal writing, flower gardens, and stargazing. When I’m not buried writing about dreamy fabrics or creating fictional worlds of fairies, you can find me fighting monsters under my bed with a pen.

Lastly, I hope this space gives you a glimpse of my own little world so that you too, can go and chase your own big dreams in life. 

With much love, Steph

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