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Life is a crazy-long, complicated mix of adventures and misadventures; of joys, struggles, trials and fiascos much like a roller-coaster ride. Most of all, it’s fun, uncannily striking and exhilarating. 

Inspired by life’s journey, herinkheart is born – a lifestyle platform to radiate ideas on self expression hoping that it will spark a fire to chase your own big dreams and creative pursuits. From fashion and beauty finds, lifestyle and personal growth stories to career, wellness and productivity tips, I hope to bring you inspirational anecdotes so you can live your most inspired and colorful life, yet. 

Most importantly, this little corner of the web is for all of us looking to find empowerment as we ultimately embrace our true potential and purpose in life. 

About the Creator: Steph Cruz

Born and raised in the Philippines and now fearlessly navigating the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Pursuing a career in Journalism and Media, Steph thrives in a world of creative and artistic expression; a goal-driven dreamer with an old soul who believes in the power of stories to captivate emotions and influence change.

When not writing about fashion, fairies and first loves, she’s usually fighting the monsters under her bed with a pen.

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