By Steph
 She is strolling along the boulevard of grand hearts, with the air sparkling in exuberant trance of tears and faded chapters of pain, it is the hour for friends and enemies, forgotten loves and new romances. She passes by the wide street of grace, picking up blossoms, the thorns prickling and a tiny drop of blood coagulating with the air, she meanders through the avenue of peace, by the candle shop to purchase little hope tea lights, to burn away as this moment, she wanders through the hidden blind alley of gentleness into the bookstore of delicate breathes, collecting another story for another time and chimes for stillness.
She lingers at the café of infinite possibilities at the corner of wild dreams a, it begins to rain as a bird escaped from a cage above the thoroughfare. To the tune of traveling wishes and of all of our yesterday’s merging, she walks home to her sweet garden to watch the magic of the twilight, the beautiful and sad day bidding goodbye.

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