For the Girls who don’t Fit in

    There’s more to you than the rest of them. There’s more to your more-ness than there is to all of them.

    You have galaxies in your veins dancing next to white blood cells. You are seventy-percent tsunami: you can overtake any ship that tries to harness you, and there will be a thousand Titanic for every iceberg you throw at them. You have fire and brimstone in your rage, an angel’s choir in your soft-smelling hair, and feet that can climb up the sides of mountains because the laws of physics do not apply to supernovas. Continue Reading


    What it Means to Live Colorfully

    It was only after going through a series of disconnection that I realized when we live without something, without seeing or feeling it, we eventually forget about it.  It’s just the way our mind frame works.  When we live in a world without color, we forget what it feels like being surrounded by it. Continue Reading


    My Top 5 Moments in July

    2017 is kicking in full speed ahead as we officially welcome a new month. My July consisted of conferences, fashion shows, waterpark adventures, job applications, back logs and finding clarity amidst the chaos. It has truly been a fulfilling month for me. Continue Reading