Memories in a Box

I hold on to memories and enjoy basking in the wonderful feeling of those moments just a bit more before I am whisked off to another season in my life, and onto another crisp blank page.

On random occasions when my insomnia decides to kick in, I have this strange habit of cleaning and decorating my room in. the. dead. of. the night. Imagine putting up posters and sorting your stuff when everyone else is fast asleep. As I was digging through some old and pre-historic boxes last night, I happened to unearth one of the greatest treasure boxes there is in existence, even pirates would be so jealous of this discovery. (Okay maybe not.)

Sometimes, I feel like everything is just going by so fast and I need to hold on to something to stay sane. I indulge in old photos, old letters, old candy wrappers from crushes, dried up petals, tickets, ids, letters, mini stuffed animal key chains from friends, those MASH predictions we made back in grade school and other trinkets. Each time I unravel a gem from this box, I am brought back to a time where exchanging friendship bracelets meant more than signed contracts.


Through a memory box or scrapbook, I am able to relive the good and filter out the bad. And as I gather more “picture-perfect moments” I can’t deny that there’s just something intrinsically beautiful about preserving happy thoughts and sealing them with the bittersweet glimmer of the past.


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