Discover strategies and services that go beyond travel fulfillment to achieve your program goals.

Our innovative core

Within the healthcare sector specifically, our customers appreciate our expertise managing unique traveler types including HCPs and patients.

Our experience balances the drivers of sophisticated corporate programs with the delicate, complex and specific needs of these traveler populations. This expertise means our customers benefit from teams that go beyond travel fulfillment.

We are a partner that speaks your language, who understands your industry, your compliance requirements, and your keen focus on the patient experience.

HCP and Group Travel

With our group travel models, our customers maintain the enhanced service delivery they expect with standardization across all markets and the benefits of an enterprise solution. In fact, more than 75% of our group travel clients leverage their corporate discounts. Further, our proprietary tool, DecisionSource®, allows for per meeting reporting across different traveler types. We also realize that the attendee persona is changing and, as more travelers are digitally native, they look for simple online solutions to manage their travel needs. Over 66% of our group travel customers offer online booking options via their meeting technology.

Integrated Travel & Meetings (ITM)

Life sciences are among the industries with the most sophisticated travel and meetings programs. Our expertise across a robust, shared client base allows us to identify and maximize opportunities to break down the typical servicing silos to create holistic programs that lend visibility, transparency, efficiency and solutions across both services. In fact, 55% of our customers have shared internal oversight to travel and meetings, allowing for optimization. That includes:

Central Congress Management

Congresses are highly visible in the medical community and play an important role in a business strategy. Centralizing congress activity through a global process elevates customer perceptions, supports brand and above-brand strategies and increases efficiencies and savings.

What we offer:

  • Congress project management
  • Exhibit & sponsorship management
  • Delegate housing & registration
  • Budget management & reporting
  • Ancillary meetings
  • 1:1 HCP engagement

Global Program Governance &
Progressive Program Management (PPM)

Adapting to business requirements is crucial to the overall success of a well-managed, transformative program. BCD is breaking the mold with our progressive model, which powers programs to move with the speed, agility and diversification that our most mature and sophisticated programs need to adapt now and evolve as the industry – and the world – continues to change.

Based on seven competencies, we provide a cross-functional team of subject matter experts and thought leaders to support your program, company strategies and policies through a mix of dedicated and designated resources.

75% of our PPM customers are within the life sciences industry, which lends program credibility and strategy.

We found solutions together. The whole team worked to drive progress. All of our reputations were on the line, and we were all equally committed to making it work.

Kerrie Henshaw-Cox

Global Commercial Lead, AstraZeneca Business Travel Awards’ Travel Buyer of the Year for 2019


We know compliance goes beyond in-channel bookings. For life sciences, compliance is the guiding principle for business enablement.

From transfer of value reporting to country profile guidance, from meal caps to annual trainings, BCD has a robust understanding of how critically important adherence is to success. Our teams are fortified with SOPs, global guidebooks, and resource guides, all refreshed annually or more frequently based on regulatory changes. Our custom materials augment our customer-specific requirements and create a baseline of foundational discipline across our service lines and reporting. Our compliance approach is powered by proprietary technology to streamline processes and allow online reimbursement of HCPs.

We are also able to provide compliance benchmarks and policy insights via customer forums or targeted consultation. We understand how integrity, transparency and protection are paramount, and we deliver against them every day.

Duty of care

We go beyond the transaction to ensure your travelers and meeting attendees are safe while on the road through our digital platforms, services, robust reporting and integration with security services. Our oversight and proactive care allow for business continuity and quick response, should the need arise. We have additionally developed proprietary tools to report all passenger names on an itinerary even when booked as a “true group” providing comprehensive insight to your global travelers. Our duty of care for meeting attendees extends to destinations, hotels, and venues.

While patient-centricity is a primary focus for life sciences, patient travel and logistics fulfillment is an oft-overlooked area, relying on agencies with varying competencies to manage. With more than 20 customers in the patient space, BCD’s heightened focus on this population extends across all patient interactions to include patient advocacy and caregivers, transplants and medical needs, clinical trial participation, and improved payment and reimbursement solutions, all with associated communications and campaign strategies that enhance patient engagement. 

BCD Travel China receives Most Innovative Supplier award from client

Third-party innovation

Travel and meetings programs are more sophisticated than ever. That’s why we created a marketplace of authorized technology solutions to extend your corporate programs.

Innovative digital services

Our customizable dashboards transform your intelligence into actionable insights, allowing you to make effective decisions for your transient and meetings travel in critical traveler and attendee care moments.


We’ve set a high bar for ourselves to be good global citizens, transparent and genuine partners and an engaging and diverse employer. This is more than a talking point, it’s our ethos, which is why we’re incredibly proud of the accomplishments that have led to recognition by the industry, our peers and clients across Governance, Ethics & Compliance, Workplace Practices, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable Procurement and Charity & Community Support.