Thrive in a volatile world

Energy, resource and marine travel management

Stable isn't a word used to describe the energy, resources and marine space.
Approaches that worked years ago don't work today.
Break free from what used to be and see what can be.

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We’re bringing together corporate and crew travel expertise to make managing travel simpler. We tailor our technology and processes by traveler type, allowing you to manage all your traveler types within our platforms, while accounting for varied policies and ways of engagement. With BCD Travel, you get the industry’s best technology on a single global platform that covers all travelers across your entire company. And your travelers get the information, tools and expert assistance they need to keep moving. It’s complete journey management.

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We’re here to make your job easier

Perhaps you’re responsible for procuring your company’s ERM travel program or managing it day-to-day. Maybe you oversee new training, certification expirations and scheduling staff for training during down times. You may ensure travelers have the correct visas and documentation for their work locales, or perhaps you’re responsible for duty of care across the globe. Regardless of your role, you interact with the travel program. It’s our job to make your job easier.

Bolster continuous operations

You and your travelers can’t afford to be down because of travel lapses. But how do you ensure continuous operations?


Magnify duty of care

ERM travelers aren’t typical; neither is their duty of care. Does your duty of care program cover your bases as well as you think?


Drive savings

How many ways can you save on ERM travel costs with BCD ERM? More than you might think.


Looking for the bigger picture?
See how your ERM services connect with your overall travel program.

Our single global platform seamlessly connects all aspects of your program and complements it with tailored workflows, tools and services. The result? A travel program that works for all your travelers.