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TripSource by BCD Travel wins sixth U.S. travel app award

TripSource® won its sixth gold Stevie® Award for best Travel App & Mobile Website in The 21st American Business Awards® (ABA). The American Business Awards are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program. Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” the awards will be presented to winners at a gala ceremony at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York on Tuesday, June 13.

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Recommended for travel buyers: The BCD Travel podcast

"Connections with BCD Travel" is a new podcast for travel buyers to help them take control and drive change within their travel program. Download and subscribe on any podcast platform.

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May 2025 is the REAL ID deadline for U.S. travelers

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) extended its REAL ID deadline until 2025. U.S. business travelers, mark your calendars for May 7, 2025. That’s the first date U.S. travelers will be required to show a REAL ID to board domestic flights and access certain federal facilities in U.S.

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BCD Travel Earth Day 2023 Sustainability and Conservation tips for business travel

11 ways to care for the planet while traveling for business

Did you know? Companies who practice sustainability and encourage their travelers to do so enjoy more profitability and happier employees. The business travel community can help take action to invest in our planet. Keep reading for a checklist of 11 sustainable actions to try now.

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Feds warn against using phone charging stations in airports, hotels, malls, etc. BCD Information Security suggests safer alternatives.

FBI cautions against airport phone chargers

That USB charging station in the middle of the airport or mall seems convenient, but it’s also an opportunity for hackers to infect your phone with malware. Public USB cables and chargers are like used chewing gum – to be avoided at all costs.

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Global travel consultancy Advito and BCD Marketplace partner TripKicks have developed a groundbreaking solution that provides accurate, pre-trip emissions data at the exact moment of decision-making.

Advito and Tripkicks develop tool to show emissions data pre-trip

Business travelers can now make informed and sustainable trip choices in real-time, instead of waiting for post-trip reporting to determine whether they achieved carbon savings. Global travel consultancy Advito and BCD Marketplace partner TripKicks have developed a groundbreaking solution that provides accurate, pre-trip emissions data at the exact moment of decision-making.

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Fly and earn Triple Points with Virgin Australia

Looking for a way to earn more Velocity Points on your next business trip?

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Plenty of reasons to get back onboard with Avanti West Coast

More trains. More seats. More connections. After months of hard work, Avanti West Coast’s upgraded timetable is now running and offering the choice, speed and reliability you need to do business.

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Community of Doctors on board

Air France and KLM have set up the "Community of Doctors on Board" program to assist the crew in case of need during the flight.

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April 2023 Calendar of Events

Check out BCD Travel's April 2023 event and conference schedule. Find out where you can meet face-to-face with BCD Travel, Advito and BCD Meetings & Events experts to discuss the industry’s top trends and challenges – and ways BCD can help solve them.

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With borders now open, Chinese travelers are experience lengthy delays for passport renewals and visa applications.

What’s slowing China’s return to travel?

Travel demand in China skyrocketed after the government fully reopened the borders. Chinese travelers are keen to resume trips, and many want their next trip to be international. But issues like passport renewals and visa requirements are causing friction. Jonathan Kao, Managing Director for BCD Travel China, explains what we’re likely to see over the next six months.

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New 2023 BCD Travel research finds most organizations don't know about ISO 31030 for travel risk management.

Organizations may be overlooking key guide for managing travel risk

A crucial part of duty of care is a guide you may have missed. According to BCD Travel research, three-quarters of travel buyers have little to no knowledge of ISO 31030:2021, the international guidance specific to travel risk management (TRM). Only 14% of buyers have actually read ISO 31030, and 11% are somewhat familiar, we found.

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BCD shares open letter on NDC readiness

Driving NDC collaboration through innovation

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BCD’s sustainability leader gets right to work saving the planet

Olivia Ruggles-Brise isn’t a fan of waste – or wasting time. In her first 100 days as BCD Travel’s Vice President of Sustainability, Ruggles-Brise has mapped a path to grow BCD’s accountability across the entire sustainability program. In a Q&A, Ruggles-Brise shares her plans to make BCD the world’s most sustainable TMC. Spoiler alert: communication is key.

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In the news: Taking the sting out of payment and expense

Ajay Singh, vice president, digital payment and expense product development at BCD Travel, was featured in a Skift article covering payment and expense trends in business travel. He weighed in on how digital payment solutions can boost program efficiency, reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction.

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A case study on reducing the travel burden for patient ambassadors. From BCD Travel Life Sciences Center of Excellence. Powered by Centricity.

Centricity powered by BCD: Reducing the travel burden for patient ambassadors

How a global pharmaceutical customer raises the patient centricity bar with dedicated end-to-end service

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BCD earns second honor from Women Impact Tech for efforts to grow grow equity in technology spaces

BCD named to 2023 Women Impact Tech list

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2023 with a new honor from Women Impact Tech (WIT), an organization working to achieve equity in the technology industry. This is BCD Travel's second appearance on the list of 100 companies with noteworthy diversity, equity and inclusion practices.

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Luxair introduces 2023 PRO Rewards for business travelers at small- and medium-sized companies.

Luxair PRO Company Rewards: The more you travel, the more you earn.

Designed for small- and medium-sized companies, the new Luxair PRO Company Rewards Program is the easiest and best way for business travelers to earn rewards on work trips.

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BCD Travel and Advito experts will attend several spring conferences in March, among them GBTA Mexico and SAP Concur Fusion in Houston, Texas.

BCD Travel Calendar of Events | March 2023

Here’s a list of conferences and shows BCD Travel will attend in March. Check our speaker sessions, register to attend, and follow some of our BCD experts on social media.

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A purposeful travel approach considers how to address traveler well-being, sustainability, and travel costs to best support traveler needs and company objectives.

Taking a purposeful approach to business travel

Travel managers are under pressure to juggle multiple travel program priorities, including traveler well-being, sustainability, and travel costs. Rather than looking at these areas in a silo, a purposeful travel approach brings them together to best support traveler needs and company objectives. Advito sustainability expert Shelley Fletcher-Bryant explains how purpose can transform business travel programs.

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BCD and Amadeus announced plans to continue as partners in February 2023. Goals: Capitalize on new opportunities and initiatives aimed at growth, productivity improvement, and technological innovation.

Amadeus and BCD Travel expand global technology partnership

We’ve expanded our agreement with travel technology company Amadeus to capitalize on new opportunities and initiatives aimed at growth, productivity improvement, and technological innovation.

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The future of air travel relies on sustainability, BCD report says

Report: Sustainability and the future of air travel

The aviation industry is emerging from a rough couple of years with a focus on stability and sustainability. “Air Travel – A Sustainable Future,” a new paper from BCD Travel, maps how the industry should move forward in delivering purposeful services that maximize value (for airlines and travelers), while also minimizing impact on our world.

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Faster and greener than cars, rail is considered the “greenest” way to travel and is favored for increased productivity time, competitive pricing and convenience in certain markets.

BCD supports VDR project to grow sustainability

BCD Travel supports the "LIFT Climate" sustainability project of the German Travel Management Association (VDR) mainly with its expertise and through direct exchanges with corporate clients. Specifically, the LIFT Climate project aims to motivate companies to implement sustainability through a structured, digitized process.

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BCD Travel successfully integrates automated trip approvals into client's security process.

Automated trip approvals are best defense for Safran security team

The security team of an international aerospace and defense firm relied on an outmoded spreadsheet to track travel bookings to high-risk countries. Here’s how BCD Travel remedied the manual trip approval process.

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BCD Travel makes Invoice Data Set API available to clients

BCD’s invoice data set can help ease spend management woes

An invoice data set, delivered by a BCD Invoice API, has been made available to customers to help streamline the spend management process. The data set can combine traveler trip information with the financial details of a ticket transaction, fare and tax breakdown, ticket status, and even the status of each individual coupon within a ticket. Later this year, the data collection also will include receipt images for BCD and non-BCD invoices.

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