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The world’s leading publicity and promotional agencies trust us to handle their fast-paced travel needs, from press junkets to galas and everything in between.

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For over 40 years, BCD Media & Entertainment have been in the industry working with international production companies and small independent studios. We have dedicated teams in all major film hubs globally. We know what it takes to get you to set on time. We manage all travel logistics globally for your crew, VIP’s, talent, and pets, from the start of your production to the moment we hear ,“And the winner is…!” 

While you are travelling all over the globe, your safety, security and confidentiality is our priority, we have invested in the latest technology to provide you with real time reporting on where your travelers are. 

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We handle everything from pre to post-production. Our commitment to efficiency and privacy ensures VIPs, talent, crew and equipment arrive on location and ready for action! We manage…

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We have dedicated Production Accommodation teams who specialize in finding the best accommodation for talent, crew and family members on location. The teams are located in the UK, USA and Australia who source and manage accommodation for productions globally. We are here to save you time, stress, and help you with your travel budget. 

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Thank you both for your help with the Italy travel over the past couple of months, you've definitely made booking everything a smoother process for us.
Production Coordinator – UK Film Studio
Thank you again for all the wonderful work you did for this. We were so impressed. I greatly appreciate all your time, only sorry that we have had to change it all. Thank you again, we all greatly appreciate all the work you both have done for this.
Production Coordinator, Major Film Studio
I wish to say to you and the rest of the team at BCD have been absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to work with. I will be jumping onto my next job and will be looking after travel again, so we will be in touch soon :D!
Assistant Production Coordinator, Independent Film Company
Hey team, I just wanted to give you some real time feedback from the Producer himself. He said you have made everything in travel the easiest, most efficient, and loveliest experience he’s ever had pertaining to production travel!
Head Production Coordinator – Major Film Company – U.S.A
Thank you for all of your help, dedication and work last year. It’s always a pleasure working with such a wonderful and talented team. Wishing you all the best for 2023! Hopefully a little less Ukraine travel this year!
Breaking News Team, Global News Organization
Having a good chuckle as I read through our text chat today. How on earth do you decipher our stream of consciousness messages and manage to keep us organized? How did we get so lucky?? Well done!! Thank YOU for all you do.
Publicist, Major Film Studio
Thank you so much. Talk about an efficient team. I really appreciate your time and efforts!
Production Assistant, US Film Production
Each time we called or emailed, you were not only responsive but incredibly helpful. I know my team will attest to this as well. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!
Film Producer, International Indie Film Studio
I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for EVERYTHING you did for us during the prep and production!!!
Production Coordinator, UK Based Production Crew
She was brilliant and honestly, we could not have done it without her, I did send her a message saying thank you but please pass on how grateful we are that she was on the team.
Production Assistant, UK Production.
Two unit moves to two/from two different countries, constant VIP cast/ATL crew travel on the daily…this extends to the entire group who were just incredible. I genuinely had the dream team and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We are a package deal moving forward. As I don’t think I could work as well with anyone else and after this beast…I feel like we could take on anything. Thank you so much!
Travel & Production Coordinator
I have not made your lives easy but you have constantly done your utmost to help me and the team with whatever we threw your way. I am so appreciative of all the behind the scenes staffing logistics and all of the BCD Italy coordinating and everything you have been doing to make this possible to get this thing to the finish line. I couldn’t have done it without you and the entire team dealing with my daily email/phone harassment, but no words will ever be able to explain how grateful I am.
Travel & Production Coordinator
I wish to say to you and the rest of the team at BCD have been absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to work with. I will be jumping onto my next job and will be looking after travel again, so we will be in touch soon :D!
Assistant Production Coordinator, Independent Film Company
I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic experience I had with out of hours this weekend. I had to alter two flights last minute and both times I called the staff were so helpful and the issue was sorted very quickly - they were just brilliant.
Publicist, Streaming Network
Ah fantastic, thanks so much, you worked so fast to help us!
Production Coordinator, Major Motion Picture Studio
BCD have been a fantastic partner and we are fortunate to have them supporting this project. She has supported the project in all aspects of travel including flights, transfers, shuttles, work permits, visa applications etc. Her support has been invaluable through the covid period until now. I have been impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the project and willingness to take on the many challenges we face, even when it is outside their remit.
Production Coordinator, Independent Film Company
Your agents have provided an absolutely high-quality service and met all the needs I have required for this project to Japan. They have provided all the necessary paperwork and information required in what has been a rather challenging country to travel to and have always responded back to me with any questions I may have both in a very quick time and without any issues at all. They are always very helpful and understanding of my needs and have delivered on all fronts
Executive, Major Film Studio
Large movie set with camera setups, extras, audience and film staff