Give your business travelers what they want

Corporate travel experience

Traveling for business can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s why we invest in great people and innovative technology to create seamless trip experiences for your travelers. Hassle-free travel leads to happy travelers. And happy travelers arrive at their destinations ready to get the job done. We’re transforming the business trip experience into what it should be.

Travel-centric corporate program

Each of your travelers is unique. Understanding and accommodating those differences makes life on the road—and far from home—more comfortable and more productive. That’s the power of a traveler-centric corporate program. We use traveler patterns and preferences to personalize service and tailor recommendations for hotels, flights and more. The result: your travelers save time, frustration and productivity-draining fatigue. They feel at home, even when they’re away.

Hassle-free travel with digital business travel solutions

Business travelers want mobile solutions that reduce hassles, save time and allow for self-service. TripSource® does it all. The mobile app gives your travelers at-the-ready details about current, past or future trips. They can find and book in-policy hotels in just under two minutes. Notifications ensure they know what’s happening when it happens: flight delays, gate changes, check-in reminders and more.  Use TripSource to simplify life on the road for your travelers, and watch their satisfaction soar.

Our corporate travel planners are at your service

When your travelers need problem-solving support, our experienced travel consultants are there to listen, ask the right questions and offer calm, competent assistance. Our consultants unravel complexity and help keep your travelers safe, happy and on the move.

How BCD Travel can help you

A partner like BCD Travel can help you create seamless trip experiences with experienced advice and simple, innovative solutions.

  • We help you understand your travelers and their needs
  • Discover traveler patterns with DecisionSource®
  • Create a travel experience that saves time and boosts productivity
  • Benefit from mobile solutions like TripSource
  • Find the perfect balance between program performance and traveler satisfaction
  • Get professional and expert advice from our experienced travel consultants

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Daimler simplified the business trip to three clicks. Best-trip recommendations based on travelers’ patterns and preferences, virtual payments and automated invoice reconciliations cut the time employees spend booking and expensing trips—adding up to US$27 million a year in productivity gains.

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