Best practices for your corporate travel policy

Travel policy compliance

Every business travel professional knows that the secret behind a successful travel program is a good corporate travel policy, compliance and traveler adoption. We can help you develop strategies to get the message across to your travelers.

Give your travelers what they want

Improving travel policy compliance is all about your travelers and making sure they get what they want. Because if they can’t find it in the travel program, they’ll be disappointed, and you’ll risk them booking outside of your program. That can snowball, making them less likely to want to use your program in future. Younger business travelers are especially sensitive to limited choice and corporate travel programs need to keep up with them.

How to write a travel policy

Here’s the BCD Travel guide to writing a travel policy for your program.

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Focus on traveler engagement

Our business travel solutions are built around traveler involvement and engagement. We help you get the message right and deliver it at the right time. Not only does it help your travelers make smarter decisions, it also makes them aware of the impact of their travel choices and decisions. Our solutions, such as TripSource®, all feature built-in traveler engagement tools.

Help your travelers make better decisions

With DecisionSource® you have all the right data to identify which travelers are following the rules and which are the rebels. Use the data to incentivize good behavior and motivate the rogue travelers to make better decisions.

How BCD Travel can help you

A partner like BCD Travel can help your company drive travel policy compliance.

  • Get expert advice to build a strategy that maximizes travel policy compliance
  • Drive travel policy compliance with creative an innovative solutions
  • Use data to motivate travelers individually with DecisionSource
  • Empower your travelers with TripSource to make the best travel decisions

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Identify, motivate and save

Pitney Bowes’ travel team used reporting and analytics to dissect spend and understand traveler behavior by department. Then they engaged departmental leaders in motivating travelers to kick out-of-policy habits. The results: more hotel-to-trip-night bookings, an increase in flights booked in advance and overall savings of US$2.7 million. Download the case study

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