Seamless business travel booking experience

Corporate travel booking and planning

Your business travelers want intuitive, straightforward shopping for flights, hotels and more. We’ll help you identify the right tools and set up the right processes to make it easy for travelers to navigate options and make good choices.

The best way to book business travel

Planning and booking a business trip shouldn’t take forever. Our simple yet powerful tools let travelers book a trip in minutes, even seconds. Really? Yes, really. Booking an in-policy hotel room via our TripSource® platform takes less than two minutes. So, do your travelers and your company a favor, and transform time spent booking trips into time spent getting work done.

Empowering corporate travel booking tools

Are your travelers self-bookers? Or do they want an assist? Whatever the preference, we’ll help you incorporate tools and processes that fit your company’s cultural DNA. The best tool is one that empowers your travelers to make the right (in-policy) choices—whether online, offline, via mobile or desktop.

Achieve your goals

Companies have different strategies and different goals. That’s why one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to business travel. And it’s the reason BCD Travel supports more online booking tool solutions than other travel management companies. Which tool is best for you? Our business solutions experts can help you assess your travel program needs, explore booking tool options and find you the perfect fit.

How BCD Travel can help

An expert in corporate travel and the trusted partner of companies around the globe, BCD Travel can help your company introduce an intuitive booking experience, making it easy for your travelers to make the best travel choices.

  • Stop wasting time endlessly searching for the best travel deals
  • Integrate booking solutions that drive policy compliance
  • Make the best travel choices: online, offline, mobile or desktop
  • Make life easier for your travelers and yourself
  • Empower your travelers with mobile solutions like TripSource

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Simplify the trip cycle
with end-to-end solutions

German IT services provider Allgeier Enterprise Services worked with BCD Travel to choose and implement SAP Concur Travel & Expense. Within weeks, employee online booking tool adoption rose above 90% as travelers embraced self-service options that simplify the trip cycle—from booking to expense reimbursement. It’s a success story rooted in BCD’s more than 15-year partnership with and in-depth knowledge of SAP Concur.

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