Leading travel industry business intelligence

Corporate travel benchmarking

Each company has its own challenges and nuances, making each travel program unique. Identifying and using the right data is the key to unlocking your program’s performance.

Industry-leading travel data and reporting

Uncover your travel program’s performance and identify next steps to take with our industry-leading business intelligence platform DecisionSource®. Your data is available just 90 minutes after booking. DecisionSource visualizes your data to give you:

  • An overview of program or category spend over time and across key metrics
  • Spend analyses that address key aspects of your travel program
  • Program benchmarking to highlight areas for improvement
  • “What if” analyses and scenario’s

Bring new leverage into negotiations

Here’s the reality for most travel buyers today: they go to the negotiating table relying on data from the very suppliers they’re making a deal with! With DecisionSource you’ll turn the tables in your favor by combining insights from different data streams for more in-depth knowledge about your travel spend.

Extend your travel program with innovative solutions

The number of emerging technologies in the corporate travel industry grows every day. Many of these are unique and valuable solutions. SolutionSource®, BCD Travel’s marketplace of authorized third-party solutions, lets you easily extend your corporate travel program with creative, innovative solutions. You’ll create a customized program that fits your unique needs.

Your trusted advisor(s)

Need some help along the way? Our program managers are seasoned professionals that know the ins and outs of the travel industry. They help boost program performance by introducing best practices and proven strategies that boost your bottom line. What’s more, experts from BCD’s consulting partner Advito can dive deep into your data and analyze it from a variety of perspectives to give you added strength in supplier negotiations and agreements.

How BCD Travel can help you

A partner like BCD Travel can help you build a confident travel program.

  • Use industry leading business intelligence provided by DecisionSource
  • Define your next steps with ‘What if’ scenarios
  • Find new leverage to bring to the negotiation table
  • Extend your program with innovative solutions from our SolutionSource marketplace
  • Your trusted advisor

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New savings
with data insights

Kerrie Henshaw-Cox is building AstraZeneca’s corporate travel program into a global operation aligned with the pharmaceutical giant’s business. She led the program through a TMC change, choosing BCD Travel to consolidate 70 countries in seven months. Today, her program is beginning to reap the benefits of that hard work, saving 15% on managed travel spend in a single year and gaining global data insights that help her plan for what’s next.

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