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Corporate Travel Service

Organizing and managing business travel is what we do best. We help companies make the most of what they spend on business travel and offer a wide range of travel-related services with an exceptional service level.

About our travel services

  • Worldwide: BCD Travel is present in over 106 countries worldwide
  • Always on: 24/7 support for your travelers every day of the year
  • Full service: widest scope of travel services
  • Experienced: professional and committed employees
  • Consistent: industry-leading client retention rate of 97% over the past ten years
  • Sustainable: rated EcoVadis Gold (top 1%)
  • Omni-channel: mobile, online or offline. You name it.
  • Flexible: compatible with 20+ OBT’s end end-to-end solutions
  • Agile: data available within 90 minutes or less
  • Exclusive: VIP services available
  • Admired: named ‘Most Admired TMC’ six times by The Beat
  • Innovative: over 1B US$ investment in technology

Yes, we can

Our travel consultants have adopted a ‘yes we can’ attitude. Next to booking and planning, they can provide your travelers a wide array of services including arranging visa and entry formalities, transfers and train reservations. They do so while keeping in mind your companies’ preferred suppliers, the travelers’ personal preferences and loyalty program memberships. And, in case things go wrong, travelers can reach us via our T24 emergency service to get solutions, fast.

How simplicity leads to more productivity

Daimler simplified the business trip to three clicks. Best-trip recommendations based on travelers’ patterns and preferences, virtual payments and automated invoice reconciliations cut the time employees spend booking and expensing trips—adding up to US$27 million a year in productivity gains.

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Exceptional service for exceptional people

At BCD Travel we have an innovative mindset focused on the future of business travel. We constantly raise the bar for ourselves by introducing innovative travel services. Our track record? A global client retention rate of 97%, the highest in the industry.

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