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her ink heart is an independent lifestyle platform created as a place of growth and turning points and a way to capture memories, both the bliss and the grief, as we trudge through this beautiful journey; a humble place to bring to life stories and ideas on creative self expression in the fashion, beauty, art and literary realms in the hopes that it will spark a fire in your heart to chase your own creative pursuits.

Most importantly, this little corner of the web is for all of us looking to find healing and empowerment as we ultimately embrace our true potential and purpose in life.



S T E P H A N I E  C R U Z

(Founder and Editor-in-chief)

steph cruz


Steph is a Journalism undergrad, lifestyle writer and content creator who thrives in a world of creative and artistic expression; a passionate dreamer with an old soul who believes in the power of mindfulness and affirmations. When not writing about fashion, fairies and first loves, she’s usually fighting the monsters under her bed with a pen.





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